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Air disinfection and purification gel, return the air to health

Keywords: air disinfection and purification gel

The atmosphere contains a large number of gas molecules that are harmful to the human body. Dust, spores, and pollen will bring fungi. Bacteria and viruses are like the new coronavirus that has appeared recently. They can be infected in just 15 seconds. 15 seconds is too short, just a yawn. 15 seconds is too long, long enough to make people infected with new coronary pneumonia. Therefore, air disinfection can better protect our lives. The following editor will introduce a method of air disinfection, that is, air disinfection and purification gel.

1. What is air disinfection and purification gel.

Air disinfection and purification gel is a new type of air purification product made by the slow-release technology of chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide has a good killing effect on bacteria and viruses, so that the air can be kept at a low level of bacteria for a long time. The virus also has a good inhibitory effect.

2. The principle of air disinfection and purification gel disinfection.

The raw material of the air disinfection and purification gel is the strong oxidation of chlorine dioxide and atomic oxygen. Chlorine dioxide is easily photodegraded, and bai generates free oxygen, which is highly oxidative and oxidizes harmful substances.

The mechanism of action is mainly oxidation. The electronic structure of the chlorine dioxide molecule is in an unsaturated state. There are 19 electrons in the outer layer, which has a strong oxidizing force. It mainly attacks electron-rich (or electron-donating) atomic groups (containing enzymes and sulfur). , Chloride, etc.), forcibly looting electrons

1. Sterilization mechanism.

Chlorine dioxide has a strong ability to adsorb and permeate the cell wall, releasing atomic oxygen to sterilize the oxidation of enzymes contained in the cell.

2. The role of bleaching.

The bleaching of chlorine dioxide is the purpose of decomposing pigments by releasing atomic oxygen and generating hypochlorite. Use bleaching agent instead of chlorine, chlorate, etc., to prevent and fiber oxidation, reduce fiber strength, and have a more comprehensive effect.

3. The role of deodorization.

The deodorization of chlorine dioxide is because it can be dehydrated with odorous substances (such as H2S, -SOH, -NH2, etc.), so that the odorous substances are rapidly oxidized into other substances. In addition, it can also prevent the decomposition of methionine into ethylene, destroy the formed ethylene, delay decay, kill microorganisms without reacting with fatty acids, and does not damage the structure of food.

The above knowledge about air disinfection and purification gel, I also learned about it after studying at Ann Breath.


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