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In addition to the air disinfection machine, what more convenient way to disinfect

In the past few years, the concept of PM2.5 has just emerged, and some areas such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei have severe smog weather. It has been confirmed that this kind of weather will directly affect our lung health and upper respiratory tract infections. Major policies for a time are limited and current. As a family, everyone is moving towards a higher quality and safe life, and the desire to breathe at ease has become stronger and stronger.

For a time, the air disinfection machine became a best seller on the market. Thousands at every turn, it is also cruel to the working class, bleeding to change a safe life for themselves and their family, breathing environment. But for the elderly, the money may be their retirement salary for a few months, or they may be frugal in order to supplement their children’s little intentions, and they will never be willing to spend the money to buy a market. The so-called air disinfection machine.

Comparison of several air disinfection methods
Traditional spray disinfection is still the mainstream disinfection method in public places. Although it consumes labor time and cost, because it is in a public environment, and many disinfectants currently used have a slight pungent smell. One-time spraying can quickly kill a large area. Of course, just because it is a one-time spray, the smell can quickly dissipate, so the effect cannot be sustained.

Later, indoor air disinfection machines appeared. It is indeed easy to move, and it can continue to kill germs in the air. The general principle of the air disinfection machine: the filter screen filters the large particles of microorganisms in the air, the ultraviolet sterilization function eliminates, and generates ozone to achieve the sterilization function. Basically, the air disinfection machine must be plugged in to continue to work. Although the machine is not only expensive, it also increases the cost of noise and power consumption during use.

At present, it is to break the barrier of high cost of air disinfection machine, and also to timely curb the spread of air bacteria in the new epidemic situation. Anbrea will use its technological research and development advantages to develop and produce continuous air disinfection and purification products from 2020, and provide continuous air purification solutions for home, office, and entertainment spaces that are easy to ignore harmful gases. Anbreath series products have obtained inspection and certification reports from authoritative organizations, as well as sanitation licenses for disinfection product manufacturers, and the invention patent "Preparation Process of Chlorine Dioxide Sustained Release Powder" has been accepted.

Anbreath’s vision is: Let the air return to health! Therefore, the market positioning of Anbreath's air disinfection and purification series products, disinfection and purification daily chemicals, is committed to let everyone enjoy the benefits and convenience brought by technology. The products are of high quality and low price, even parents do not have to worry that they are reluctant to buy them. Moreover, Anbrea series products are easy to use, just like ordinary air fresheners. Open the package and put it in the air. It will automatically release effective ingredients to kill viruses, bacteria, and formaldehyde in the air. Even teaching parents to use traditional sterilizers saves time. Is it very convenient?

Recently, the founder of Anbreath led all employees to join the anti-epidemic protection charity donation project. To help the medical and volunteer workers at the front line of the Shenzhen Nucleic Acid Testing Station to prevent the epidemic, and donate special workers, such as sanitation workers, and also call on: Don't let retrogrades move forward alone!

New type of epidemic prevention, we are on the front line!

I hope that if you have those who need our anti-epidemic supplies most, welcome to act with us. With your hand, contribute this concern and jointly build a more reliable epidemic protection line. Please leave a message to us in private

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