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【Science】Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is a safe, efficient, broad-spectrum, and powerful bactericide. It is recognized by the United Nations World Health Organization. Its effect is safe, efficient, and its disinfection capacity is 2.63 times that of strong chlorine and more than 50 times stronger than sodium hypochlorite. It can kill most microorganisms, including bacterial propagules and mycobacteria, with killing and inhibitory effects; most importantly, chlorine dioxide is non-toxic, which is the result of our cumulative test. For substances with less accumulation, it is very safe to use, and chlorine dioxide does not interact with organic substances in the water, such as trihalomethanes, and will not produce carcinogens. Therefore, chlorine dioxide is safe for higher animal cells, sperm and chromosomes. Harmful, will not cause carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic effects. Therefore, chlorine dioxide is very suitable for use as a disinfectant.The scope of application of chlorine dioxide disinfectant is very wide. Commonly used in tap water, hospital sewage, industrial circulating cooling water, sterilization and algae removal on pond water surface, breeding water surface, etc.; also used in the treatment of cyanide, sulfur, sulfide, mercaptan, phenol, benzene and other printing and dyeing wastewater ; Because of its strong oxidation ability, it can also be used to remove metal ions such as iron and manganese in water.

The chlorine dioxide disinfectant adopts patented technology, which can release chlorine dioxide gas slowly for a long time, and can effectively inactivate viruses and bacteria in the air. And confirmed by a third-party authoritative testing agency, after 2 hours of use, the virus inactivation rate reached 99.95%.

In the newly renovated enterprises, the office that uses chlorine dioxide disinfectant has a significant decrease in formaldehyde content.Therefore, the use of chlorine dioxide disinfectant during decoration will make people safer and more assured. Anbreath brand is a professional brand. The chlorine dioxide disinfectant produced is listed as A1 (safe even if eaten) disinfectant by the World Health Organization. And after testing by authoritative organizations, the release concentration of Anbreath series products is extremely low. Special formulas are used to control the concentration between 0.03-0.1ppm, which will not affect the human body at all. Pregnant women and children can use it with confidence.


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