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New methods of disinfection and sterilization ▎Paiqi joint laboratory developed air purification gel and sterilization card to prevent "epidemic"

During the COVID-19 outbreak Disinfection and sterilization supplies are essential Traditional disinfection technology Mostly use spraying or atomization Can achieve instant disinfection But the effective time is short, and frequent spraying is required And there will be blind spots in the spraying range How can these problems be better solved? Paiqi Nano Joint Research Laboratory Team Make use of its own chemical research strength and produce New air purification gel Can achieve long-term continuous disinfection Gas type no dead angle coverage Effectively reduce the concentration of bacteria and viruses in the air Reduce the virus cross-infection rate caused by air movement Now donated to many schools Contribute to the prevention of "epidemic" in schools and students Establish cooperative relations with enterprises Work together to build a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly living environment Paiqi Nano has been committed to the research of nanotechnology and fine chemistry. The outbreak of the epidemic, the company quickly invested in scientific research strength, using the latest research and development technology to carry the banner of anti-epidemic, while providing technological assistance for economic recovery, resumption of work and school. The general manager of Paiqi Nano mentioned this research and development result in an interview: This time everyone felt the same, and then we were also thinking about what companies can do? What to contribute to society? When we are doing nano, we thought that if we use our chemical research and development capabilities to make a disinfection product, we can prevent and control this epidemic and protect everyone from virus intrusion. It is such an idea and original intention, that I wanted to do this thing. We have developed a series named: Anbreath. There are two products, which can sterilize the air and remove formaldehyde. In fact, our philosophy is also very simple, we want everyone to breathe at ease, safe and healthy at all times. "Simple" original intention, all staff go together The company responded to the call of the National Health Commission. As early as February, in the joint laboratory of Shenzhen Paiqi Nanotechnology Co., Ltd., scientific researchers continued to conduct chlorine dioxide gel disinfection and sterilization experiments. Chlorine dioxide gas is easy to volatile, and to overcome technical difficulties, scientific researchers work overtime continuously. After the experiment was successful, the production line workers did not resume work, and several scientific research workers became "temporary workers."

In response to the application requirements of sterilization and disinfection, based on the previous nano waterproof technology reserves, the company has developed the air disinfection and sterilization gel with the slow-release chlorine dioxide technology as the core at the fastest speed. "Provide green, safe, long-term and efficient new means of disinfection and sterilization. Compared with the traditional method of spraying disinfectant, the slow-release gas chlorine dioxide in this experiment can achieve long-term continuous disinfection without dead corner coverage, which is a better disinfection method. After being tested by Guangdong Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center, the sterilization rate reached 99.95% within 2 hours. A bottle of air purification gel can be used in a room of 15-20 square meters for 1-2 months, and its volatile concentration can be as low as one third of the 0.1ppm concentration recommended by the National Occupational Safety and Health Association. While eliminating the effect, it will not affect human health.

Most of the traditional disinfection technology uses spraying or atomization, which has a good instant disinfection effect, but it needs to be performed frequently and cannot achieve long-term effective disinfection. At the same time, due to the spraying reach, there will be dead spots in disinfection. Chlorine dioxide is an internationally recognized broad-spectrum, high-efficiency green disinfectant. It has a good disinfection effect at low concentrations and is harmless to humans. In 2003, during the SARS period, chlorine dioxide was listed as an official disinfection method. Paiqi Nano has been committed to research in the field of fine chemicals since its establishment in 2013, and its nano waterproof technology has gained a certain market influence. When the epidemic broke out, companies quickly used their own R&D capabilities to respond to the call of the National Health Commission to develop effective disinfection and sterilization products to respond to the epidemic. This is a race against time, but also a concerted battle. In mid-to-late February, the company’s core staff started working online to discuss upcoming projects. At the end of February, when they were ready to go to work, the project staff quickly put in various tasks. Technical reserves show great power at critical moments In this special period, it is not easy to speed up the R&D process. In the absence of suppliers, logistics outages and factories unable to fully resume work, fortunately, the company originally has its own production line, and scientific researchers use a special method of picking up goods at home. , Solve numerous difficulties, work day and night, and work overtime to advance the R&D process. The ability to develop new anti-epidemic disinfection products so quickly this time is inseparable from the company's core technical reserves. It is the same as spraying perfume in the air. The principle of gaseous slow-release is that gas molecules diffuse through Brownian motion. The molecular weight of chlorine dioxide is extremely small, the dispersion distance is long, and the concentration is controllable from 0.03ppm to 0.1ppm (1ppm = one part per million) It has a good disinfection and sterilization effect. Assisting the resumption of work and school, and the enterprise takes the responsibility In order to resume work and school, the scientific research team has developed gel and solid powder disinfection products in different forms. According to the disinfection requirements of different places, a stable chlorine dioxide concentration can be achieved in a certain area for a long time, so as to achieve long-term continuous disinfection. To prevent the spread of the virus. In order to allow more employees of enterprises who have resumed work to stay in the company, on the way to work, and more students returning to school at school, there is an extra layer of protection on the way to school. With few shops in the surrounding area open, scientific researchers are simple everyday When I’m busy, I even eat instant noodles and bread all day to satisfy my hunger. I work until nine or ten in the evening before returning home from get off work. It is their "working day and night" research and development, bottles, bottles, sheets of high-tech disinfection and sterilization gel and sterilization card products are produced from the 10,000-level dust-free production workshop. Donations were made to Shenzhen Guanlan Central Primary School, Guangming Foreign Language School, and Tangjia School for resumption, with a total value of more than 80,000 yuan.

At present, the company has integrated the 1,500 square meters of 10,000-level dust-free production workshop with a fully automatic canning production line, which is fully open and full-line production. Every day, tens of thousands of products reach the warehouses of distributors and cooperative enterprises across the country. In the middle and on the shelves, it appears in the offices of enterprises, hotel rooms, people's homes and other spaces that need to be disinfected. In the future, the School of Chemical Engineering of Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Research Institute of Beijing Institute of Technology, and Paiqi Nano Enterprise Joint Research Institute will carry out in-depth cooperation in production, education and research on more projects, and apply science and technology to the convenient life and production of the public. The power of an enterprise is always limited. The enterprise is looking forward to strategic cooperation with more companies. It is driven by various cooperation modes such as direct trade, agent franchise, and independent brand processing, and works with enterprises and organizations to create a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly living environment. , Create a green and happy future! 

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