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The air pollution is so serious, what should we do?

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With the development of economy, air pollution in the world is getting heavier nowadays. At this time, air disinfection and purification gel comes in handy. Let us first look at the eight symptoms of indoor air pollution released by the World Health Organization. :

1. Eyes, especially cornea, nasal mucosa and throat mucosa have irritation; 2. Skin often has erythema, urticaria, eczema, etc.; 3. Easy to fatigue; 4. Easy to cause headaches and respiratory tract infection symptoms; 5. Often chest tightness , Suffocation-like feeling; 6, often produce unexplained allergies; 7, often feel dizzy, nausea, vomiting, etc.; 8, dry mucous membranes such as lips. If the above 8 major symptoms meet more than 4 points, it is necessary to check whether there is "indoor pollution" in the home one by one.

From the current detection and analysis, the main sources of indoor air pollutants are the following: construction and interior decoration materials, outdoor pollutants, combustion products and human activities. Among them, indoor decoration materials and furniture pollution are the main causes of indoor air pollution.

The prevention of "indoor pollution" focuses on all seasons.

Everything recovers in the spring. As the temperature warms up and the humidity increases, various pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, mosquitoes and dust mites have also begun to multiply, which is harmful to human health. At this time indoors must focus on the prevention and control of microbial pollutants.

In the hot summer, eating watermelon with the air conditioner on. Don’t be too cool. You can’t wait to stay in the air-conditioned room 24 hours a day, which creates an enclosed environment indoors. In addition, the high temperature and humid environment in summer also provides a breeding and diffusion hotbed for those gas and microbial pollutants, causing the indoor level to exceed the standard.

Autumn is not afraid of tides and cold weather conditions is the traditional peak season for decoration. Pay special attention to the problem of excessive formaldehyde and peculiar smell after decoration.

The cold weather and frequent haze in winter make people afraid of opening windows and reluctant to open them. If the heating is turned on without ventilation, the pollutants released from the furniture will be locked in the room, causing serious excesses and endangering human health.

In addition, the high carbon dioxide concentration and lack of oxygen caused by closed rooms are also a major problem of indoor air pollution in winter.

Anbreath air purification gel is an air purification product made by using chlorine dioxide slow release technology. It subverts the traditional purification method. It can be disinfected and purified only by placing it in the room. It is a professional product recognized by a national authority. Solve many problems for indoor pollution. Therefore, in today's increasingly serious pollution, it is particularly important to buy an air disinfection and purification gel. The quality of air disinfection and purification gel is guaranteed, efficient and safe, and it is a good choice for you to buy air disinfection and purification gel!


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