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Which brand of new air freshener is better?

With the continuous development of modern technology, the industrial economy has become increasingly prosperous. Economic prosperity will inevitably bring about some negative effects, such as air pollution. The atmosphere is the basic condition for sustaining life. Once we breathe in polluted air, it is bound to cause harm to human health and even endanger life. The result is an air freshener.

Atomized air freshener: Before using this freshener, shake it well and press upwards of the air. The freshener in the closed tank can be sprayed out under pressure to form atomized air. It is worth noting that it should be used in the air circulation space, the fragrance contained in the air freshener will harm the human nervous system and damage the respiratory mucosa.

Solid air freshener: Rotate and twist the upper cover of the freshener, tear off the sealed aluminum film, then close the lid and place it away from water and sunlight. Be careful not to put it where children can get it.

Air fresheners include deodorant, deodorant, desiccant, moisture-proof agent, etc. There are many types of air fresheners popular on the market, such as single flower fragrance, compound fragrance, melon seed fragrance, grass fragrance, perfume fragrance and so on. Its mechanism of action is to "dilute" the peculiar smell by emitting a pleasant fragrance, confusing the sense of smell. Although it can give people a feeling of fresh air in a short time, it can only be a flash in the pan.

Moreover, some air fresheners contain ether, perfume and other ingredients. Once released into the air, they will decompose and deteriorate to produce certain components of air pollutants. Long-term can cause allergies, stimulate the human nervous system, and affect the growth and development of children. Research by the European Union Consumers Association found that some air fresheners can even cause malignant diseases, such as cancer. The news spread quickly, reducing the public's consumption of air fresheners by three feet.

Through a large number of experiments by scientific researchers, it is proved that the use of chlorine dioxide sustained-release gel as an air freshener has the advantages of safety, high efficiency, and non-toxic side effects. When combined with air molecules in the air, it will be decomposed into substances that can kill molecules that cause odors in the air, and can effectively sterilize and disinfect, thoroughly clean the odor, and make the fragrance more pure.

In addition, the use of new air fresheners containing chlorine dioxide purification gel can decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, TOVC, nicotine, etc., without affecting people's normal work and life, and will not cause human allergic symptoms for a long time, and will not stimulate the nervous system. . While effectively purifying the air, it protects people's physical and mental health.

If you want to choose a high-quality new air freshener, I recommend Anbreath.


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