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New house formaldehyde exceeds the standard, several ways to remove formaldehyde need to live

Excessive indoor formaldehyde has always been a concern for many people. Especially when living in a new house, there are countless ways to remove formaldehyde. After all, excessive formaldehyde in the house can be considered a very serious matter, because it will affect our health.

Generally, after the new home is decorated, the chemical elements in the decoration materials account for a large part, especially the formaldehyde, which has a heavy gas that is harmful to the human body, and the smell is also very heavy, which will affect the health of the human body in the long term. And professional governance is afraid of getting into the pit, so how can we generally achieve the effect of professional governance in life? At the same time, it can be operated simply and conveniently. The editor below also recommends several commonly used methods, you can take a look at which ones.

1. Open windows for ventilation and remove formaldehyde.

In order to remove the formaldehyde odor in the new house decoration, the first step is to open the windows for ventilation, and open the cabinet doors and drawers at the same time to dilute the formaldehyde through the air flow and discharge it to the outdoors. However, pay attention to the weather when opening windows for ventilation. Once it is windy and rainy, doors and windows must be closed in time to avoid damage to the newly renovated home environment.

2. Wipe the furniture regularly.

Panels and furniture used for decoration are the main sources of household odors. Harmful gases such as formaldehyde will adhere to the surface of the board. Frequent wiping of the surface can take away some harmful substances. In addition, formaldehyde is soluble in salt water, salt can be added to the water, and the surface of the furniture can be wiped quickly to remove the smell.

So in the removal of formaldehyde, are there any simple methods that can be directly and effectively removed? The editor recommends everyone to learn about the special formaldehyde removal in the Xia'an breathing room. Almost friends who have used it praised it as easy to use!

Use the special formaldehyde removal room to eliminate formaldehyde odor, which can remove formaldehyde without dead corners. It can reach every corner of the room with the airflow in the form of gaseous chlorine dioxide, and can even penetrate into the board to decompose formaldehyde molecules. Completely eliminate the smell of formaldehyde. The important thing is that it is harmless to the human body, natural and safe, and will not have any impact on the elderly, children, and pregnant women.

If you have recently moved into a new home and are worried about how to remove formaldehyde, trust me, you can read this article, which can bring you effective methods. If you want more convenient operation, you can directly learn about the special formaldehyde removal room . This is an artifact that can care for your fresh indoor air for 60 days.


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