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What is the difference between air disinfection machine and Anbreath air disinfection gel?

As people continue to pay attention to air quality issues, air disinfection machines and air disinfectants have frequently appeared in our vision. Anbrea air disinfection gel is a disinfection method that is not a disinfection machine. So what is the difference between the two in disinfection? Maybe many people know what an air disinfection machine is. Anbreath air disinfection gel is not familiar, and the difference between the two is not very clear. Today I will explain to you what are the differences between the two. Right!

At present, we have found that many air disinfection machines on the market basically belong to passive disinfection technology. The so-called passive disinfection technology is to inhale air into the equipment to kill bacteria and viruses. The common passive disinfection technologies include "plasma disinfection technology, ultraviolet disinfection technology, Activated carbon disinfection technology" and so on. This kind of disinfection machine can only disinfect a part of the space. Obviously, this disinfection method has obvious defects.

An breath air disinfection gel is already very different in this disinfection method. It adopts active disinfection technology. The most prominent feature is that it can disinfect and sterilize 24 hours a day, and the disinfection molecules can be dispersed into the space with the airflow. The corners fall to eliminate germs. Through the exclusive patented technology, Anbreath can release chlorine dioxide gas for a long time and slowly, which can effectively inactivate viruses and bacteria in the air. To put it simply, simply put the Anbreath air disinfection gel to kill those bacteria and viruses. The technology of slow-release chlorine dioxide is through gel, special stabilizer formula and high nanometer waterproof technology, coupled with slow-release device, can effectively control the release concentration and cycle of chlorine dioxide. Based on the current, Anbreath can achieve a controllable concentration between 0.03-0.1ppm, and the sustained-release period needs to be 1-2 months. That is to say, it can take care of your health for 60 days. In this decomposition The method of bacteria and virus is already easier than that of air disinfection machine.

Although air disinfection machines can also achieve these functions, in comparison, Anbrea Air Disinfection Gel not only takes into account the functions of disinfection machine and purifier, it can disinfect and sterilize the air, but also can purify the air. Therefore, the effect is better in improving the air. This is not only about performance, but also about the quality of life.


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