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What brand is good for indoor formaldehyde removal?

Formaldehyde is called formalin, it is an irritating gas, colorless, strong smell. It is the poison of the original mortar, which can be combined with protein. After inhaling high concentrations of formaldehyde, it will cause severe irritation to the respiratory tract and emphysema, dull eyes, and head pain, which can easily cause bronchial asthma. The skin can be directly exposed to formaldehyde, which can cause dermatitis, coloration, and necrosis.

At present, there are many existing air purifiers in the domestic market that have serious safety problems on certain models, including ozone, negative ion and ultraviolet technology. Some technologies have removed impurities other than formaldehyde and also brought a new round of pollution. Experts say that not all air purifiers are unsafe. The breathing air purification equipment certified by the construction department is in line with national standards.

Anbrea will use its technological research and development advantages to develop and produce continuous air disinfection and purification products from 2020, and provide continuous air purification solutions for home, office, and entertainment spaces that are easy to ignore harmful gases. Anbreath series products have obtained inspection and certification reports from authoritative organizations, as well as sanitation licenses for manufacturers of disinfection products, and the invention patent "Preparation Process of Chlorine Dioxide Sustained-Release Powder" has been accepted.

Anbreath’s vision is: Let the air return to health! Therefore, the market positioning of Anbreath's air disinfection and purification series products, disinfection and purification daily chemicals, is committed to let everyone enjoy the benefits and convenience brought by technology. The products are of high quality and low price, even parents do not have to worry that they are reluctant to buy them. Moreover, Anbrea series products are easy to use, just like ordinary air fresheners. Open the package and put it in the air. It will automatically release effective ingredients to kill viruses, bacteria, and formaldehyde in the air. Even teaching parents to use traditional sterilizers saves time. Is it very convenient?


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