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How good is Delta?

How powerful is "Delta"?

1. More communicative

A report in June in the United Kingdom showed that more than 90% of new infections were the "Delta" strain, and its transmission power was 60% higher than the previously circulating "Alpha" strain.

Researchers from the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the virus can be detected within 4 days after exposure to the "Delta" variant, but the average time to detect the virus for people exposed to the original strain is 6 days; and that they are infected with "Delta". The viral load of people in the Tower is also 1,260 times higher than that of people infected with the original strain.

This means that people infected with the "Delta" virus detox earlier and shed more virus (but it does not mean that the virus discharged into the air has also increased by 1,260 times), and it takes longer to spread to another person. short.

2. The effectiveness of vaccines has decreased

According to data released by the Public Health Agency of England, after a full 2 shots of Pfizer vaccine, the protection against the "Delta" strain is 87.9%, while the effectiveness against the "Alpha" strain is 93.4%. Obviously, the "Delta" strain weakened the protective power of Pfizer's vaccine.

3. Redefine close contacts

Academician Zhong Nanshan said that because of the high viral load, high concentration of exhaled virus, and high infectivity of those infected with the "Delta" mutant, the concept of "close contact" in the past is no longer applicable.

The current concept of "close contact" is: "In the same space, in the same unit, and in the same building, 4 days before the onset of illness", all those who get along with the patient are counted.

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