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What are the advantages of chlorine dioxide sustained-release gel?

Chlorine dioxide sustained-release gel is a good sterilization product. Its main function is to slowly volatilize chlorine dioxide gas through the built-in air purification gel in the bottle, and then these gases will react with bacteria and pass through to the bacteria. The high penetration and adsorption properties of the product can eliminate bacteria or inhibit the growth of bacteria, effectively blocking the spread of bacteria in the air. This slow-release gel not only has the advantages of killing microorganisms and bacteria, but also has the characteristics of safety and no side effects. Next, let the editor take you to see its advantages and application areas.

1. Advantages

The advantage of the slow-release chlorine dioxide gel is that it can stably eliminate bacteria, purify the air, and can also remove formaldehyde. The chlorine dioxide gas volatilized by this gel is harmless to the human body, but it can destroy bacteria very well, because the chlorine dioxide gas only has a damaging effect on bacteria. This kind of gas has a strong oxidizing property and can react with many organic and inorganic substances in the air to achieve the purpose of decomposing peculiar smell and purifying the air.

2. Application field

The volatility and non-toxicity of the chlorine dioxide sustained-release gel make this product can be used in many fields, including household life, schools, vegetable markets, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, etc., generally in environments with chlorine dioxide gas Even the direct consumption of food such as fruits will slow down the degree of decay. Even the room where the chlorine dioxide slow-release gel is placed has a very obvious contrast in terms of formaldehyde removal. The air in the room left for about 24 hours is dozens of times that of the room without the chlorine dioxide slow-release gel.

This chlorine dioxide slow-release gel under Paiqi Nano Company makes full use of the principle of air purification gel to remove formaldehyde to play the four major functions of disinfection and sterilization, removal of formaldehyde, removal of peculiar smell, and long-lasting air purification. Moreover, compared with the commonly used air fresheners, the chlorine dioxide sustained-release gel purifies the air quickly and efficiently. Especially in a relatively closed space, the purification effect of the chlorine dioxide slow-release gel will be more obvious.


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