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Do you know the harm of air conditioner bacteria?

Bacteria corpses, excrement accumulation and bacteria continue to multiply on the air conditioner filter, resulting in the production of peculiar smell; after the filter is cleaned, the bacteria will also be produced again.

According to statistics from relevant experts, in an air-conditioned closed room, after 5 to 6 hours, indoor oxygen drops by 13.2%, Escherichia coli rises by 1.2%, Rhododactylaceae rises by 1.11%, diphtheria rises by 0.5%, and other respiratory tracts are harmful. Bacteria have increased in varying degrees.

There are many air-conditioning sterilization products on the market, but you should pay attention to it when purchasing. Choose a brand certified by the Ministry of Health. Otherwise, during the disinfection process of the air conditioner, if you encounter bad products and the air conditioner is not cleaned well, it will cause secondary damage to the air conditioner. This loss is even less worthwhile.

The principle of the sterilization of artificial air conditioners in the market is based on the "sterilization" function achieved by similar high-voltage discharge devices. It should still be effective; but first, strangers must enter the door. There is really no way to guarantee 100% safety, because of this type of High temperature sterilization requires setting the operating mode of the air conditioner, but the air purification and sterilization mode can only emit hot air, which is also a big test for us who are pursuing coolness in summer.

Second, manual sterilization, most of which is to add a chemical component to the inner material of the air conditioner. This is to effectively sterilize the air conditioner without changing the operating mode of the air conditioner. However, the use of different products is different and the operation is difficult. The degree of easiness is also different.

On the other hand, Anbreath Air Conditioner Fresh Bao is completely different. It is convenient and convenient to use, and can be easily grasped by adults and elderly people. It only needs to be gently opened and pasted next to the air conditioner. Convenient and worry-free, the operation method is simple and fast, and the antibacterial time is long. It can be effectively antibacterial for 90 days after one use, without frequent operation. Anbreath air conditioner Qingxinbao has a sterilization rate of 99.95%, which is a completely non-toxic and harmless formaldehyde adsorption product for air conditioners.

Well, today’s good things recommendation is over. The hot summer has begun. Remember to choose a high-quality and reliable air-conditioning disinfectant for yourself and your family to spend the romantic summer together.


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