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Which scenarios are chlorine dioxide disinfectants suitable for?

Chlorine dioxide disinfectant is an internationally recognized fourth-generation high-efficiency disinfectant, which can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, bacterial spores, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses. These bacteria will not develop resistance. Chlorine dioxide has a strong ability to adsorb and permeate on the cell wall of microorganisms. It can effectively oxidize the enzymes containing sulfhydryl groups in the cells, quickly inhibit the synthesis of microorganism proteins, and destroy microorganisms.

The role of chlorine dioxide disinfectant:

1. Water body adjustment: The water body is often concentrated during the breeding process and the soil organic matter is too low. The use of chlorine dioxide can be relatively solved. Chlorine dioxide water reacts with ammonia, sulfate and organic matter, and has the functions of removing dirt, fishy smell, peculiar smell, dissolving endotoxin, and precipitating in the inclined plate sedimentation tank.

2. Prevention of bacterial infections and viral diseases: Common diseases of general aquatic products include bacterial sepsis, skin redness, rotten cheeks, unfinished buildings, colitis, white skin, vertical scales and other common diseases. Specific application: After the onset of the disease, remove the insects first, and then disinfect the entire pool with chlorine dioxide.

3. Algae lysis: In the case of dense water bodies, outbreaks of cyanobacteria, and abnormal green water, the use of chlorine dioxide can quickly destroy the chlorophyll of the algae, destroy the algae, and have the actual effect of purifying water.

Do you know what factors affect the disinfection effect of chlorine dioxide?

The main factors affecting the disinfection effect of chlorine dioxide are water temperature, pH value, sewage water quality, the mixing contact method of disinfectant and water, and the types of microorganisms. The higher the temperature, the better the disinfection effect will be under the same disinfectant dosage.

Chlorine dioxide disinfectant is widely used in medical and health, aquatic products, agricultural planting, water treatment and other occasions because of its broad spectrum, high efficiency, fast speed and safety. Because of its non-toxicity and no "three-effect" effect in the disinfection process, it has won widespread praise in the disinfection field and is a good substitute for conventional disinfectants and bleaching agents.


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