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Popular Science: What are the manifestations of indoor decoration pollution?

Indoor decoration pollution has become a topic of great concern to people, and decoration pollution has become the most harmful object to the body. Especially for formaldehyde, the source of formaldehyde in decoration was analyzed in the previous issue. What harm does this article have on indoor decoration formaldehyde? Then look down

1. Cause cancer
High concentrations of formaldehyde will directly affect health, causing serious damage to human organs, and even cancer, especially for children and fetuses, which may easily cause deformities and cancer risks.
2. Harm to the respiratory system
Formaldehyde enters the body through the nose and mouth to cause harm to the human body, directly irritating the respiratory tract and even the lungs. If you inhale an excessive amount of formaldehyde, in severe cases, it may even cause breathing difficulties and death. Even if a small amount of formaldehyde is inhaled for a long time, it will have certain effects on the respiratory tract, which may cause symptoms such as nausea and pain in the throat, and even cause chronic disease. Respiratory diseases, chest tightness and other diseases.
3. Paralyze the nervous system, causing weakened immunity
Long-term inhalation of formaldehyde gas will paralyze the human nervous system, and may also cause motor dysfunction. If the treatment is not timely, it will cause the human nervous system to be disordered, thereby causing the body's immunity to decline.
4. Harm to the sense of smell
Formaldehyde is mainly inhaled into the body through the nose, and it is also very harmful to the sense of smell. The smell of formaldehyde is pungent and makes people feel uncomfortable. In severe cases, it may cause nasal cancer.
5. Harm to eyesight
When the concentration of formaldehyde is high, it not only smells pungent, but also irritates people's eyes, causes tears, and even hurts the cornea and affects vision.
6. Harm to the skin
In addition to harming the human body through breathing, formaldehyde can also cause harm to us through the exposed skin of the human body, especially our skin. Although skin contact is relatively small, if the concentration is too high, it can also cause pruritus, dermatitis, etc. symptom.


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