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How to effectively remove pet odor

With the improvement of the quality of life, many people have raised pets. Pets bring happiness to people. Especially when they come back from get off work, they come to you and relieve the pressure in an instant. But all pet owners know that pets are all There is a peculiar smell, so how to remove the peculiar smell of pets? Look down together.

Generally, there are several ways to remove pet odor

Clean regularly
To keep pets at home, bedding, sofas, carpets, floors, etc. should be cleaned regularly, preferably twice a day, and bedding should be cleaned and disinfected every few days.

Baking soda removes pet odor
When cleaning the floor or kennel, you can mix with 2 spoons of baking soda + 10ml of rice vinegar + 1 spoon of detergent + 3 spoons of hot water and cover it, let it sit for a while, and then clean it up. The pet's peculiar smell is temporarily Nothing, everyone knows that baking soda is a small helper for cleaning in life, and using baking soda to remove pet odors has a certain effect.

Apple cider vinegar removes pet odor
Mixing apple cider vinegar with hot water 1:3 can have a certain bactericidal effect. Sprinkle it on places with pet odors to remove pet odors.

Disinfecting water to remove pet odor
In daily life, disinfectant has a certain effect of removing odors, but disinfectant not only tastes great, but also has a bad effect on pets. It is best not to use it if there are children at home, because the smell is too strong.

The above several methods can temporarily remove pet odor, so what is the method to remove pet odor? An breathable pet clean odor is good. This pet clean odor is specially made for pets. It is very convenient to operate and just hang it where it needs to be used. It can not only remove the odor of pets, but also has a disinfecting effect. To breathe peacefully is to make you feel more at ease.

The above is about how to remove odors from pets. From the current point of view, Anbreath's special odor removal pet odor is very good. It can remove odors from the root cause. It is more comfortable for children to keep pets!


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