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Can chlorine dioxide remove formaldehyde?

First understand what formaldehyde is?

Formaldehyde is called formalin, it is an irritating gas, colorless, strong smell. It is the poison of the original mortar and can be combined with protein. After inhaling high concentrations of formaldehyde, it will cause severe irritation to the respiratory tract and emphysema, dull eyes, and head pain, which can easily cause bronchial asthma. The skin can be directly exposed to formaldehyde, which can cause dermatitis, coloration, and necrosis.

What are the traditional methods of removing formaldehyde, or the methods that have been tried? What are the effective methods for removing aldehydes.

There are serious safety issues on some models, including ozone, negative ion and ultraviolet technology. Some technologies have removed impurities other than formaldehyde and also brought a new round of pollution. Experts say that not all air purifiers are unsafe. The breathing air purification equipment certified by the construction department is in line with national standards.

Green Plant Removal of Aldehydes

My dad evaluated that he once did an experiment where he put green dill on a ten square meter to remove formaldehyde. The result was a little effect after putting 50 pots. Does an average house have an area of about 100 square meters? Wouldn't it take five or six hundred pots to have a certain effect? Due to the water-soluble properties of formaldehyde, it is possible that this weak effect is due to the effect of the soil. It seems that green plants are really more of beautifying the environment. Don't talk about removing formaldehyde.

Remove formaldehyde from fruit peel

Regardless of the effect of various fruit peels. Have you ever had this experience: When you put the grapefruit peel in the room, you will smell the strong aroma of grapefruit. After taking the grapefruit, what is the original taste? I don’t know if I have removed formaldehyde from fruit peels. The pungent smell of benzene and harmful gases are obviously invalid.

Ventilation in addition to aldehydes

Speaking of ventilation to remove aldehydes, this may be the most economical and effective method for removing aldehydes considered by the entire network. The strong wind blows, especially the convection air. This method can really effectively replace the indoor air to the outdoors. If the indoor formaldehyde concentration is high, this method is really effective. However, it is not called formaldehyde removal, it is "scattered" formaldehyde. Including the fresh air system, the indoor air is replaced to the outdoors, so that the indoor air is purified.

Activated carbon removes formaldehyde

This is a formaldehyde removal method that has been accepted by the public for a long time. Activated carbon has a strong physical adsorption effect, so it is used to adsorb all harmful indoor gas molecules such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and radon in the air. There are certain defects. The adsorbed carbon is easily saturated. After the adsorbed carbon is saturated, if it is not replaced in time, the inhaled harmful gas will be released, causing secondary air pollution.

Air purifier removes formaldehyde

Air purifiers first appeared to remove large-particle pollutants from the air. Such as dust, PM10, PM5 and other large air particulate pollutants. After the development of science and technology, activated carbon is used in the filter element of air purifier, which can be better used in air purification. Combine the purifier to accelerate the air flow and achieve the effect of purifying indoor air faster. The same disadvantage is that the filter element needs to be replaced within a certain period of time to ensure the effective adsorption of its activated carbon.

Chemical decomposition of formaldehyde

Adsorption alone cannot fundamentally solve the problem of formaldehyde removal. Formaldehyde is only replaced from one place to another. Is there a way to clear it? Decomposition method. For example, the strong oxidative decomposition of chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide was first used for its disinfection and sterilization function. It was used for disinfection and sterilization in industrial production rooms. It was gradually used in the breeding industry, commonly used tap water and other water disinfection, food preservation and other purposes. In recent years, it has been found to be effective The oxidation and decomposition ability of formaldehyde has begun to be quickly applied to the removal of formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene and other harmful gases in new house decoration and furniture. However, chlorine dioxide is extremely unstable and the entire market is immature.

After 2020, a variety of chlorine dioxide disinfection, sterilization, formaldehyde removal, and odor removal products began to officially appear. On the one hand, it is the cause of the epidemic, and the word disinfection has become a matter of everyone's recognition. Chlorine dioxide, as a disinfectant recommended by the National Health Commission, has naturally become known to more people. Its functions have also been tapped and applied to life by more consumers, gradually forming a mature industrial chain. In particular, its function of removing formaldehyde is more widely used and publicized.

Anhuxi Formaldehyde Gel is one such product that chemically decomposes formaldehyde. Relying on the company's research and development strength in fine chemistry, it has invented a patent: the slow-release preparation process of chlorine dioxide, so that the release concentration of chlorine dioxide is 0.03-0.1ppm, and the release is sustained. Its core products: indoor formaldehyde removal special funds and car formaldehyde removal special funds.

According to statistics, 70% of human diseases are related to the indoor environment. In China, 120,000 people die from indoor pollution every year. More than 90% of childhood leukemia patients are hospitalized within one year of living in a newly built house. You can decorate pollution and decorate spots. In the face of decorative pollution, the traditional method is to open windows every day and strong wind blows through or cultivate the sedimentation capacity of formaldehyde in flowers. Air Health is in the blue sea Anbreath focuses on the R & D and production of air health products, and welcomes like-minded people with resources who are optimistic about this project to join.

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