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Anbreath air disinfection gel-high-efficiency, new-type disinfectant

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the topic of epidemic prevention and disinfection has always been hot.

Relevant scientific research and production units should start to synthesize new compounds and select solvents according to market demand. In order to improve the scientific and technological content of disinfectants in my country, new disinfectants have been developed from many aspects and perspectives. At the same time, it will provide society with more and better products to meet the needs of the disease control market. Classification of disinfection effect for human benefit

Efficient disinfectant: various microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc.) pathogenic bacteria also have a certain sterilization effect, which meets the high standard disinfection requirements of medicines.

Intermediate disinfectant: refers to the disinfection process that can kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, bacterial propagules and other microorganisms.

Low-efficiency disinfectant: refers to a preparation that can kill bacterial proliferation and lipophilic viruses and meet the disinfection requirements.

Now that the domestic epidemic is basically under control, and when the Chinese people's vigilance persists, if there is a disinfection product that has the same level of medical disinfection, it is safe and convenient to use, would you choose to use it?

Anbreath is a specialized research established since the outbreak of the epidemic and has long been committed to the development and popularization of air disinfection products in the domestic market. The special "Preparation Process of Chlorine Dioxide Sustained Release Powder" technology has been accepted by the relevant national invention patent institutions.

Two of the core products: Anbrea disinfecting and purifying gel and Anbrea air sterilization card have been recognized by the public since their listing. Anbreath uses an internationally recognized high-efficiency disinfectant, and it is also a disinfectant recommended by the Health Commission during the epidemic.

The disinfection and purification gel is suitable for the disinfection and purification of larger spaces. Anbreath originated in Shenzhen. In many communities in Shenzhen, such as Kaisa, China Haikangcheng, etc., due to safety measures for epidemic prevention, Anbreath air disinfection gel was installed in tens of thousands of elevators to protect residents' travel safety. There are also schools in Baoan and Longgang in Shenzhen to prevent the epidemic, take care of the safety of students and teachers, and look at the continuous disinfection function of the breath, and more importantly, it is safe and non-toxic, non-irritating to the human body, and vigorously purchases air disinfection gel and installs it in the classroom. Office and other space for various student activities.

The air sterilization card is more suitable for travel: to work, school, and travel. The sterilization card is small and portable, and can be sterilized when worn. The original intention is to protect the safety of the crowded and complex environment by taking trains, planes, buses, subways, taxis and other means of transportation when we travel, so it is designed to be small and convenient to carry.

The compact sterilization card and the high-efficiency disinfection gel in the room, the complementary products and perfect cooperation, truly achieve all-round disinfection and epidemic prevention.


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