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What to choose in addition to formaldehyde for new house decoration? Does a formaldehyde removal company buy formaldehyde removal products?

With the application of a series of chemical substances added to food, people still have a certain degree of resistance to chemical substances. The environmental pollution, to a certain extent, reflects people's concern, pursuit and longing for physical health and life health. Among them, the formaldehyde pollution of new house decoration has attracted much attention.

It is understood that formaldehyde has a wide range of applications and is used in the textile industry, decoration and decoration sub-material processing. Among them, the formaldehyde released by shy decoration materials has become one of the main reasons that trouble people. Because formaldehyde is also harmful to the human body, it can damage the human respiratory system and immune system. The human body produces symptoms such as cough and chest tightness. In severe cases, it will further It develops into respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia and emphysema. The Bulletin No. 153 "Carcinogenicity of Formaldehyde" issued by the World Health Organization on June 15, 2004 confirmed that formaldehyde is a carcinogen.

For a long time, and even now, the issue of formaldehyde treatment is still a headache for many residents. From the detection of formaldehyde to the removal of formaldehyde is a long process, so let's take Tianjin as an example, let's take a look at the approximate cost of the entire process. The first is testing. You can buy some testing equipment yourself. The average price of a treasure is about 300-500. We calculate it at 450 yuan. The next step is to consult a professional company to formulate a plan, and the general requirements are about 30 yuan per square meter for an average company with a concentration of 0.4 or more. If the real estate area is calculated as 120 square meters. That is 3,600 yuan. The whole process takes about a week. Four thousand yuan. General workers still feel a little bit expensive.

After continuous research by the management company, it has been confirmed that formaldehyde is cured by law, and as long as there are new furniture, the concentration of each formaldehyde emission does not exceed the standard, which may not be added together. In addition, some businesses currently claim that it is not a long-term solution to seal the formaldehyde. Furniture is always drilled during assembly. After a long time, the furniture will wear out and the formaldehyde will still be released. Only reducing its release concentration below the safe value is a scientific measure for long-term formaldehyde treatment.

Anbrea's formaldehyde removal gel is one of them: intelligent and continuous formaldehyde removal black technology. The use of gaseous slow-release technology is an internationally recognized high-efficiency and safe formaldehyde removal technology, which can truly decompose formaldehyde 24 hours a day. No secondary pollution, green and safe, pregnant women, the elderly and children can use it with confidence. A small bottle can be put anywhere, working continuously for 2 months. No need to plug in, no noise, economical and affordable, home decoration must continue to remove aldehyde black technology.

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