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Does the air conditioner need to be sterilized? 90% of people don’t know

The wind blowing from the air conditioner is smelly, and you always think it is too much dust from the air conditioner. When the filter is opened, the filter is indeed covered with a layer of dust. Does the dust smell? In fact, it is the fine and bacterial excrement of the internal unit and filter of the air conditioner that really produces the odor. Therefore, to remove the odor of the air conditioner, it is important to eliminate the bacterial colony attached to the air conditioner.

According to relevant sources, in this test, healthy air conditioners refer to air conditioners with multiple health functions (midnight, sterilization, fresh air, purification, and comfort). The 15 comparative test samples were randomly purchased by the staff of the Consumer Association as ordinary consumers on e-commerce platforms such as JD.com, Gome and Tmall. In this comparative experiment, the temperature adjustment function was not evaluated. Evaluate related health care functions for consumers to refer to.

This comparison test selected a number of popular brands in the market, and the price range is wide. In the experiment, the two functions of self-determining bacteria and self-determining dust of the air-conditioning model were tested.

Comparative experiment results show that 14 out of 15 experimental samples have the function of cleaning the air-conditioning room. But the sterilization rate is about 20.4%. The overall effect of dust removal is good, but there are three models during the experiment. When the midnight function is activated, the outdoor unit cannot operate, no condensation water will occur, and the midnight dust removal function with condensation water cannot be realized.

The comfort is increased in the comparison test, and the difference in the feeling of blowing is obvious.

Relevant people said that with the deepening of the concept of health, health functions have become an important point of sale for air-conditioning products. In order to ensure the development of market norms and protect consumers’ right to know and choose, the Consumer Association has proposed to relevant industry associations and standards authorities. It is recommended to formulate relevant standards for the health function of air-conditioning products as soon as possible to maintain market order and competition.

Relying on the chemical R&D strength of the national high-tech R&D team, Anbreath has developed a fresh air-conditioning treasure. The use of gaseous slow-release technology is internationally recognized as a green, environmentally-friendly and efficient sterilization technology, which can continuously sterilize and sterilize 24 hours a day. Truly continuously inhibit the breeding and reproduction of air-conditioning bacteria and cut off the source of the spread of odors. The air conditioner has no peculiar smell, the air is fresher, and the family is healthier. No secondary pollution, safe for pregnant women and children!

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