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What is the difference between Anbreath air disinfection gel and air disinfection machine?

As people continue to pay attention to air quality issues, air disinfection machines and air disinfection gels have frequently appeared in our field of vision. Anbreathing air disinfection gel is stationed in tens of thousands of community elevators, hotels, schools, and enterprises across the country. So what is the difference between the two in disinfection? Maybe many people know what an air disinfection machine is. Anbreath air disinfection gel is not familiar with it, and the difference between the two is not very clear. Today I will explain to you what are the differences between the two. Right!

At present, we have found that many air disinfection machines on the market are basically passive disinfection technology. The so-called passive disinfection technology is to inhale air into the equipment to kill bacteria and viruses. Common passive disinfection technologies include "plasma disinfection technology, ultraviolet disinfection technology, Activated carbon disinfection technology" and so on. This kind of sterilizer can only sterilize the air in the space, but cannot sterilize the surfaces of objects in the space. Obviously, this disinfection method has obvious flaws.

Anbrea air disinfection gel is already very different in this disinfection method. It adopts active disinfection technology. Anbrea adopts the current cutting-edge slow-release patented technology, which can release chlorine dioxide gas for a long time and slowly, which can be effective Inactivate viruses and bacteria in the air. One bottle can take care of the health of the whole family for 60 days. This method of decomposing bacteria and viruses is already easier than an air disinfector. And Anbreathing air disinfection gel is very small and can be placed anywhere. Therefore, refrigerators, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens can all be placed to protect the health of family members and breathe air healthy at home. Good air, breathe!

Although air disinfection machines can also achieve these effects, in comparison, Anbrea Air Disinfection Gel not only takes into account the functions of disinfection machine and purifier, it can disinfect and sterilize the air, but also can purify the air. Therefore, the effect is better in improving the air. This is not only related to performance, but also to the quality of life. Therefore, Anbrea has become a space disinfection and purifier for the cooperation of schools, enterprises, and communities. In the future, it will also enter thousands of households and truly make Anbrea’s air disinfection and purification gel. Go in convenient life.


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