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The epidemic will never end, and the prevention and control will not relax

In 2020, the new crown virus infectious pneumonia epidemic has continued until now and it is still spreading. Therefore, we must pay attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Those who have not received the new crown vaccine should hurry up and fight. To avoid the spread of the virus, you should always pay attention to your personal hygiene.

Reduce travel
During the epidemic, in addition to working hours, travel should be reduced. The new crown virus can be spread by droplets. Don't go to densely populated places. You must also pay attention to wearing a regular mask when you travel.

Wear a mask
In order to prevent and control the epidemic, you must wear a mask when you go out, especially in densely populated places such as work, buses, and subways. When buying masks, you should choose medical masks or n95 masks.

Personal hygiene
To prevent and control the epidemic, one must pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, and disinfect them. You can prepare hand sanitizer to take with you.

Imported cold chain food and express logistics
To prevent and control the epidemic, we must pay more attention to cold chain food and express delivery. It is best not to eat frozen food, and disinfection should be carried out when express delivery, and epidemic prevention measures should be taken.

Ventilation is very important to prevent and control the epidemic. You must not only wear a mask when riding in a car or going to work, but also ventilate to maintain the fluidity of the air.

The above are the points to be done in the prevention and control of the epidemic. In addition to the above points, what else should we pay attention to? Of course it is to disinfect and purify the air. I think Anbrea's air disinfection and purification gel is very good. It has a very high sterilization rate and is the first choice for air purification. Breathe safely "Let the air return to health and breathe every moment with peace of mind!" It is convenient and practical, and the best way to prevent and disinfect the epidemic must be used!

All in all, everyone has the responsibility to prevent the epidemic, so everyone must strictly demand themselves and do a good job in epidemic prevention. It is a responsible behavior for themselves and others. Therefore, the above measures must be taken well, and the most important thing is to maintain The air is circulated, and the air is disinfected and purified with the air disinfection and purification gel that is breathed. In this way, I am not afraid of going to work or school.


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