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What is the effect of removing formaldehyde in the breathing room?

What is the effect of the special formaldehyde removal in the breathing room?

With the rapid development of science and technology, we have more convenient access to information, and we spend less time outdoors, especially for some large Internet companies. The office area is large and the crowd is dense. In terms of quality of life, our requirements are also increasing, and we are paying more and more attention to the issue of health and wellness. If the indoor ventilation is poor, it is extremely easy to cause poor air flow and increase the harmful gases in the air. If there is any new office furniture recently added, be careful to prevent the visit of formaldehyde.

According to authoritative reports, more than 70% of the construction and housing areas in my country have decoration pollution, and these users are not aware that they are in the vicinity of formaldehyde! Although many people have realized the harm of formaldehyde, their understanding of formaldehyde is relatively one-sided. This will also lead to certain misunderstandings and use unreliable methods to deal with it. What you are dealing with is not formaldehyde, but your own health.

At present, some formaldehyde removal devices have appeared on the market, but they are generally expensive, and some decoration companies have introduced formaldehyde-free products in response to the occasion, but this is mainly for newly decorated users, so what about the ones that have been decorated? Or ordinary people who don't have a very high budget? For example, if you are working in an office, it is impossible to ask the boss to repaint the wall. You must use formaldehyde-free products. We are in urgent need of a convenient and portable formaldehyde removal product, and the special formaldehyde removal product for An Breathing Room just meets this need.

What is the scope of use of the special formaldehyde removal fund in Anbrea?

Generally, the special formaldehyde removal funds in Anbreath are bottled, and the effective range of use is preferably in a space of 10-20 square meters. Of course, this refers to the effective range of a single bottle. If the office area is too large, it can be divided according to the area. It can be placed separately, especially in areas with many cabinets. Its main component is chlorine dioxide, and the aldehyde removal rate is as high as 96.6%. It can be used to remove formaldehyde, tvoc, benzene and other harmful gases from the source through the principle of chemical decomposition, non-adsorption and non-covering. After the national CMA safety evaluation report and oral test, it is recognized as non-toxic. Therefore, the aldehyde removal in Anbreath is green, safe and non-toxic. It can be used safely by the elderly, pregnant women and children.

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