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Where can the Anbreath air disinfection gel be used?

Whether indoors or outdoors, our requirements for air quality are increasing day by day, because viruses are everywhere in our lives, and it's just the effect of the strength of the individual's immunity. Common pathogenic bacteria in indoor air include Neisseria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, hemolytic cocci, and diphtheria bacillus. Bacillus, pigment-producing bacteria and fungal spores are common in outdoor air; there are more microorganisms in indoor air than outdoors, especially in densely populated public places. So what are the effective sterilization methods?

air purifier
For some common air viruses and bacteria, the use of air purifiers can initially achieve the sterilization effect, but there are also certain drawbacks, such as small range and high cost, and it takes a long time to operate the equipment to achieve a 24-hour sterilization state.

Spray disinfection spray
For densely populated places, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc., in special periods, disinfection sprays will be used for disinfection and sterilization, but usually after school or when closed for rest, it can be used because of the strong smell. The time dissipated, and the 24-hour long-term sterilization could not be achieved.

Chemical agent use
Through specific chemical products, the air in a certain range is disinfected and sterilized, and it evaporates slowly. It can be used for a long time and can reach a 24-hour disinfection state. And Anbreathing Air Disinfecting Gel is just such a product.

Where can the Anbreath air disinfection gel be used?

Anbreath air disinfection gel is mostly bottled, and there are corresponding specifications on the package. If it is a large-scale place, it is recommended to purchase by region, because the air disinfection gel with a specification of 150g/bottle is available in 15-20 square meters. Use in the space, the effect is up to 2 months, and the sterilization rate can reach 99.95%. Of course, if it is in a space of 80 square meters and only one bottle is used, then there will be a certain sterilization effect, but it is relatively far from the center. Far away, the sterilization effect is not so obvious. It can be used after opening the bottle, and it is portable and easy to use. Do you have it?


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