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There are so many ways to remove formaldehyde. What is the best way to remove formaldehyde in existing houses?

No matter when it is, we pay special attention to our surrounding environment, or the comfort of the office space, or the leveling of the road. Apart from working and studying, we spend nearly 1/2 of our time at home. Therefore, we Also pays much attention to our quality of life. The housing problem, in fact, to get to the bottom of it, the most important thing is air quality, no matter where it is, this is the case.

Air pollution is becoming more serious. With advanced technology, it also brings many pollutants, most of which are formaldehyde. This cancer-causing killer makes people feel terrified, for fear that it has nothing to do with it. So what are the methods for removing formaldehyde in existing homes?

Open windows for ventilation
This is the simplest but most time-consuming method. Why? Due to the passage of time, the content of formaldehyde will decrease, but it takes about 3-5 years, depending on the location and the type of house.

Activated carbon adsorption
This mainly depends on the volume of activated carbon. Smaller volume has better effect, and the filtered molecules will be smaller, but it has limitations. Generally, it mainly acts on the lower half of the air layer.

Neutralization of chemical volatilization

Formaldehyde is not invincible, it also has its nemesis, and the chlorine dioxide component in the formaldehyde removal special item in the breathing room can just be neutralized and decomposed into organic matter and water.

Considering various aspects such as operability, cost performance, practicality, etc., the best way to remove formaldehyde in existing houses is the special formaldehyde removal in the breathing room. It is simple to use and can be used after opening, refining fusion gels, stabilizers, etc. Extend its volatilization time, the use time of a bottle is about 2 months, and in addition to formaldehyde, it can sterilize other bacteria in the air, wrap the dust in the air, make it fall, and purify the air. effect.

There are indeed many ways to remove formaldehyde. Is this special formaldehyde removal room that can not only continuously remove formaldehyde, but also sterilize and purify the air, is your well-deserved best way to remove formaldehyde in existing homes?


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